Coming Soon!!! A "New" Battle of Human Decency
From the NISSAN Whistleblower

Sharyn Bovat's life has been HELL Because she told Carlos Tavares about Corruption & Discrimation.  NOW!!!  Ghosn's Gang is doing damage to the lives of "3" more people and it's time to STOP the Insanity and this
"twisted tale of two companies."    

??? Why FIre Jed....

Renault & NISSAN

Following Blindly is STUPID!!!!

This is WHY Ghosn stocked the Executive Floor with toddlers....

Thus the nickname the PLAY PEN!!!!

I got a "tip" to subpeona the NISSAN Dream Team..... Now I know WHY!!!!

Former NISSAN employees have reached out to me to help after I was unfairly jailed by Ghosn's Group.  

They know I'm innocent and being "Set Up" they've seen it before...My helping the Renault Three is Paying back the kindness.  

Thank You Former NISSAN Elite!!!

Have A Great Day!!!   Sharyn
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