Coming Soon!!! A "New" Battle of Human Decency
From the NISSAN Whistleblower

Sharyn Bovat's life has been HELL Because she told Carlos Tavares about Corruption & Discrimation.  NOW!!!  Ghosn's Gang is doing damage to the lives of "3" more people and it's time to STOP the Insanity and this
"twisted tale of two companies."    

Remember the Pet Rock

Der Spiegel reports that the team around Michel Balthazard, had made “disrespectful comments regarding the corporate strategy” of Renault: “EVs harbor many unsolved problems, for which there is not even a hint of a solution.” Who knows, maybe they were amongst the 200 executives that said similar things to KPMG. Of course, such impure thoughts are heresy at Renault which is betting the house on the success of EVs. “We put $5 billion on the table,” said Francois Bancon, chief strategist at Nissan. “If this goes wrong, we are dead.”   


Der Spiegel English language international edition of the German news source also includes in-depth special reports, weblog and summaries ……..A “credible” source.




 LOVE that word…. Thanks Brian.


??? Do you know what the pharmaceutical industry calls a drug that’s been around since the 90’s………………………….  GENERIC!!!!


NISSAN gave the “perception” that there would be LOTS of Leafs so that governments would pass “tax credits” and offer government money for CHARGERS!!!!  I sure hope the ChaDeMo can charge a Focus……


Maybe France will end up paying back some of America’s BOND debt to China.   After all they are “part owner of Renault” ..  That would be Poetic Justice for “alleging too quickly” that China was involved.   Maybe you should “retro fit” the Chademo to accommodate the Ford Focus EV too.


That car will the the “winner” in America for the battery technology in the Leaf  is about as innovative as the Pet Rock!!!!


???  Once people get wind of YOUR dinosaur battery INNOVATION is going to the be punchline to jokes about NISSAN.      You need to tell America the Truth about Ghosn.   He’s responsible for deceiving France~America~Japan.


This “skirt” has done YOU a favor.   For if more government money was spent and “corrections” could not be made Japan would only have 2 major car companies and President Sarkozy would be known as the Emperor with “new” clothes.   It’s time to give the Renault Three their reputation back and


???  How much does it REALLY cost to produce “each Leaf” “until you hit the 500,000.”  I learned “to follow the money”…… Huh…..  


??? Do the NISSAN Shareholders profit from the ChaDeMo stations being installed by governments,


???  Is it fair to taxpayers to have to fund “2” different types of chargers.


???   Where could it ALL the money be.


I bet Wackenhut’s busy at NISSAN. In many ways!!!


Have A Great Day!!!               Sharyn


Nissan Leaf Slow to Reach Buyers


Two much-hyped electric vehicles went on sale in December. Neither sold in huge numbers, but Nissan Leaf buyers are exeriencing a delay as their purchases travel from Japan.

The company managed to deliver only 19 cars in December, and some customers are becoming disgruntled about the wait.

According to Brian Carolin, Nissan’s senior vice president of sales, the company has seen some cancellations, but so far it’s not significant.

What’s the cause of the delays? In an interview with, Carolin said it stems with assembly at the Oppama, Japan plant, where the process is still being perfected.

The automaker has been overwhelmed by initial demand, too. “We probably gave an expectation of availability, which in hindsight was too early,” he said. Carolin is referring to the deluge of Leaf advertisements on the internet, in print and on TV (remember that polar bear hug?).

Deliveries are beginning to ramp up, Carolin said. While the automaker only delivered a handful of Leafs in December, it looks like Nissan is preparing to deliver hundreds over the next two weeks if the recently volume of delivery confirmation emails is any indication, according to

Nissan Addresses Slow LEAF Launch, Says Expectations Could Have Been Better Managed (Plugincars)

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