Coming Soon!!! A "New" Battle of Human Decency
From the NISSAN Whistleblower

Sharyn Bovat's life has been HELL Because she told Carlos Tavares about Corruption & Discrimation.  NOW!!!  Ghosn's Gang is doing damage to the lives of "3" more people and it's time to STOP the Insanity and this
"twisted tale of two companies."    

Renault NISSAN Alliance

"Espionage or information gathering is not a risk that French executives take seriously," said Christian Harbulot, head of the School of Economic Warfare in Paris. 


I sent Mr. Tavares an email last April:


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Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2010 23:31:30


Subject: From sharyn




Remember Me ???   Just Kidding.

Sir, is this going to be over soon & am I OK???  


This has been bizarre.   I just read a blog saying Asian espionage could be in play.  My thought is that kind of stuff will confuse America.  We as a society (culture) are  optimist and don't want to know about corporate games or political ones.


That person speculating about Nissan and the EV with conspiracy rhetoric  is

just going to spur the "right".  The message needs to be on the need for

alternative energy..etc  


In reference to my web site keeping the problem of discrimination and how Nissan

global leadership stepped in and did the ethical thing and made change and spent taxpayer money wisely is key.  Both the French and Japanese look good doing this.... Very important Nissan looks good.


FYI-Years ago I learned the business culture in Asia treats espionage like a

"sport". I learned this from an undercover agent******** was *************censored********************** in reference to China usual I was curious and back then I learned enough to know.... when I need to stop asking questions. 


My thought is put the blame 100% on the good ole boys...america can understand it.  They have hurt our society in the USA. 


Your Human Resources was/is "out of control" in TN so bottom line...Global Nissan leadership looks good for stepping in and making change... It's a win-win.


Mr. Tavares  I want success for you the EV, America and me ...actually success

for. Everyone!!!


That's why I want to be in New York City. Think of it like a corporate

Switzerland.  Sir,  The best data is generated from "neutral" places.


Having "one" corporate agenda is important & people will start new conspiracy

theories and create challenges.  It's human nature to try to "move up" the food chain... I get it!!!!  The LEAF needs a "unified" team if it's going to succeed.


That's what I can do.  I can "identify" issues so success can happen.


Since I Understand the cultures in 3 of the emerging markets the "unified"

corporate culture that I write about  can be created if the person doing it does

not have a hidden agenda.  My agenda is well known.  I want to work and enjoy my

life.  Please,  I want parole from being in "trapped" 24/7  in Tennessee. 


Sir my mind is open.  Is there something I can do???  


Also, I need this to end.  


Have a great day/night..






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Yesterday I sent the French Consulate this:

Bonjour French Consulate

Please read the article attached.  It's great info about "spies" and read my press release:

Chinese automakers who spoke with Reuters say the scandal is "Renault's internal business"...... is this from the article attached...



???  IF possible when "this" is ALL over can I meet  Christian Harbulot

One of  the Economic Warfare School's founders


He says a decade's experience in the martial arts helped him see the scope for western business to absorb what he termed the more combative approach to strategy he saw in east Asia.


Security consultancies such as Stratfor say that if the Renault theft were carried out by China, and did target investment strategy rather than technological know-how, that would represent a shift in China's state espionage tactics. Stratfor's Noonan says state spy agencies such as those of China, Russia and Israel tend to go after technology, while corporate spies for western firms tend to be looking for strategic and business related secrets -- such as costings, overheads, and sales strategies.

This leads the consultancy to doubt that the Renault theft was perpetrated by the Chinese. "The
leak suggesting otherwise was likely an assumption based on China's frequent involvement in industrial espionage," it said. "Still, it could be a sign of new methods in Chinese spycraft... If China is responsible for the Renault penetration, the case would represent a change in the Chinese espionage MO, one aiming at a higher level and willing to spend more money."

Today in the UK Telegraph I saw this article:




Chinese use honeytraps to spy on French companies, intelligence report claims

The use of honeytraps to extort information and the placement of spying interns are among the techniques employed by Chinese spies in their industrial espionage operations, according to leaked French intelligence files.


By Henry Samuel, Paris 5:35PM GMT 01 Feb 2011

Among the cases cited by the intelligence reports, is the predicament of a top researcher in a major French pharmaceutical company wined and dined by a Chinese girl who he ended up sleeping with.

"When he was shown the recorded film of the previous night in his hotel room ... he proved highly co-operative," said an economic intelligence official.

In another case, an unnamed French company realised too late that a sample of its patented liquid had left the building after the visit of a Chinese delegation. It turned out one of the visitors had dipped his tie into the liquid to take home a sample in order to copy it.

French companies should do more to protect themselves from prying eyes among the 30,000 Chinese students who conduct internships in France, warned experts.

Among the most frequent techniques cited by French intelligence was the so-called "lamprey technique", which usually takes the form of an international tender for business.

"The aim of the project is to attract responses from developed countries," notes the report. When Western companies vie to respond, they are cajoled and "told to improve their technical offering".

"Each (company) tries to outdo the other, once, twice, several times until the Chinese consider they've had enough." Once key information has been gathered, the competing bidders are summarily informed that the project has been shelved and the information used by the Chinese to develop its own products.

A prime example of this technique was recent a multi-billion pound tender to build China's high-speed train, with France's TGV being a bidder. As part of the process, the French embassy in Beijing organised a six-month training course for Chinese engineers. A few months after the course, China brought out its own high-speed train remarkably similar to the TGV and Germany's ICE train.

Another technique is the "mushroom factory", in which French industries create a joint venture with a local Chinese firm and transfer part of their technology. Soon afterwards, the French "discover that local rivals have emerged ... offer identical products and are run by the Chinese head of the company that initiated the joint venture." Danone, the French dairy and drinks group allegedly fell foul of this technique when it teamed up with the Chinese drinks giant, Wahaha.

A third technique is to turn the tables on a foreign firm by accusing it of counterfeiting. Schneider Electric was taken to court over a 5mm hook in its fuse box, which it patented in 1996. Nonplussed, its Chinese rival Chint started building the same hook, took Schneider to court in China for copying its design and Schneider was ordered to pay a 330 million yuan fine.

The revelations on Chinese spying techniques came as Renault, the French carmaker is embroiled in a massive espionage scandal involving three top executives over allegations they were paid to hand over car secrets to a Chinese firm. French intelligence officials were reportedly furious the part state-owned company had not asked for its help.

France is drawing up a guide of good practice for French entrepreneurs. One of the rules is never hold meetings with Chinese delegations in rooms where sensitive briefings take place: they could subsequently be bugged.

"Espionage or information gathering is not a risk that French executives take seriously," said Christian Harbulot, head of the School of Economic Warfare in Paris. "They are thus very vulnerable."

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From: The Renault-Nissan Alliance Team >
Sent: Tue, Jan 25, 2011 3:43 am
Subject: Visit us in Davos during the World Economic Forum



Dear Guest,

The Renault-Nissan Alliance has a significant presence at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (26-28 January).


We are proudly explaining our groundbreaking work in zero emission mobility. The Nissan LEAF electric vehicle – recently voted International Car of The Year – and the Renault Fluence Z.E will be there, along with our technical experts. All will be happy to explain how far the Alliance has come in the quest to eliminate tailpipe emissions and help create a cleaner world.


If you are in Davos, please take some time to visit us. We are at the Hub Pavilion, Promenade 93, 7260 Davos Platz.


If you have time, you are also welcome for a ride in the revolutionary Nissan LEAF and Renault Fluence Z.E  And you can follow all our latest news via our blog or via our Twitter.


Best regards,


The Renault-Nissan Alliance team

The Renault-Nissan Alliance promotes zero emission in Davos 2011

Monday 24/01/11

by Renault-Nissan Alliance Team


Davos: it’s shorthand for the World Economic Forum (WEF), the annual gathering of the world’s top politicians, business leaders, intellectuals and thinkers.

They all descend on Davos in the Swiss Alps – at 1,560 meters, the highest city in Europe – to discuss the most pressing issues facing the globe, with a special focus on health and the environment.

What’s this got to do with the Renault-Nissan Alliance? A great deal. This year the Alliance is present in Davos to tell the Forum more about our groundbreaking work in zero emission mobility.

For decades, electric vehicles have been recognised as a way of eliminating harmful tailpipe emissions, but as a practical form of transport they remained tantalisingly out of reach. Until now.

The Alliance has invested $5 billion and the first fruits of that investment – the Nissan LEAF – is now running around the streets of major cities in Japan, America and Europe.

But our work on zero emissions has gone far deeper than simply developing world-leading battery technology or delivering the first mass-produced family EV, however.

The Alliance has been working behind the scenes with governments, municipal authorities, utility and energy providers and technology suppliers to ensure that the infrastructure is in place to allow EVs to be charged away from the home or the office. We have developed partnerships and signed countless Memoranda of Understanding to promote the development and use of EVs and we are actively involved in advancing a zero emission future.

Nissan LEAF is just the start. It’s the first of eight EVs from the Alliance, a roster that includes three more from Nissan – including a luxury Infiniti EV – and no fewer than four from Renault: Fluence, Twizy, Zoe and the Kangoo ZE light commercial. By mid-2011 Renault will be the world’s first manufacturer to offer a complete range of EVs.

In Davos, delegates will be able to discover our display in a dedicated pavilion and will also be offered the chance to get a ride in Nissan LEAF and Renault Fluence Z.E.

Everyone else is invited to learn more about the Alliance EV programme. You can watch our video, stay on this blog and catch up with the latest news as it happens via Twitter.

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NISSAN Renault   


 “If I become in charge of CRS/Diversity for NISSAN the department oversees The Global Code of Conduct and I would ask that Christian Harbulot of the School of Economic Warfare conduct a Seminars to executives and those working with technology at NISSAN & those at Renault that they work with in the Alliance.   I’d Also like to get a committee including a former  member of  Japanese Intelligence & American Intelligence to discuss “red flags” so that those in management will be able to identify “threats” early.  This training should be MANDATORY!!!

For the record the Renault Three do NOT appear to be “spies”  they appear to have been “framed”.  Since their names are public I believe the person that wrote that annonomyous letter should be public too. Because “this” is OUT OF CONTROL!!!!

FYI- Soon a system for Whistle blowing will be created one that keeps the whistle blowers name in private BUT one that will not allow what is happening at Renault and could possibly be employees “falsely” accusing others....Just so they can “cover their butt”...  Remember in the early days of “my blog” I said the NISSAN is a Cover you Butt Culture.   A Hispanic woman  in relo was “booted out for show”.   I complained and I was “booted out for show” too.  


I spoke the truth at NISSAN and it’s taken me OVER a year to prove it.  Those that were “unethical” I believe did this to the Renault Three.

It’s time to “come clean” and let Renault and NISSAN succeed.  It’s the ONLY way to make the Alliance STRONGER!!!! 

I see the two companies as being part of the same a “family” OK "distant" cousins....but related by "finances".  SHAREHOLDERS!!!!

How the Renault treated the Renault Three is  NOT how anyone would want a member of their family treated.

GET IT!!!!

Have A Great Day!!!                    Sharyn Bovat

The email to the left was in my “inbox” this morning & it invites me to test drive your revolutionary LEAF.  Personally I find the “Flu” much more attractive and in Davo's I can test that too.


Since I have a sincere fear of NISSAN North America’s “Rob” of  tossing me in jail if I go anywhere near a NISSAN facility/event I have been unable to test drive the Leaf in the America. 


NISSAN & Renault I’ve had to be “visable” since my freedom was taken away in Tennessee.  I spoke the truth about reckless spending.  The people are/were connected to Carlos Ghosn.
NOW is I’ve got many people reading my blogs, some of my readers are connected to the Koch Brothers, and the Tea Party Elitet. 


Yes!!!  I want the EV to be a success.  In my heart I believe it’s best for America. 

I’m an American and I do NOT like what is happening in America in reference to how tax dollars are being spent.  I do NOT want my child paying interest on bonds that were sold to foreign nations  to create or subsidize the EV “if” there is no plan on long term success.  The days of playing "games" with taxpayer money have to be OVER.


FYI-  It’s been communicated to me that my "research" is being valued, my blog is read by connected people, indictments are "most likely" eminent.
That’s all I can say.
I do NOT know Who~ What ~ Why.   

Yesterday I was told my "bankruptcy" theory was close to being TRUE!!!  NISSAN is making "changes".   Well it's time you opened the door to me. My story is going to "pop"   I need a spokesperson for me.   

The fact is I want to work and enjoy my life. 

I do not want to be "caught" up in some BIG scandal that could bring down the first black President of the United States.   Although I'm a republican I want him to succeed for if he succeeds America succeeds. 

If someone contacts me and arranges transportation and hotel accommodations.  

I would be more than happy to listen with an OPEN mind about your EV.   At the same time I have some other questions that need to be answered.  

It sounds like the “experts” will ALL be there.  According to the release about Davo’s it’s a conference of
politicians, business leaders, intellectuals and thinkers.”  I "think" I meet one of the targeted demographics.


“It’s time WE all got along.”


Sharyn Bovat

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